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The Hilite cooperative was founded in 1998 to guarantee qualified staff and safety in the workplace.
Staff are kept up-to-date on a regular basis, in compliance with legal standards

Staff update and qualification courses:

The law has guided us towards the better training and specific recognition of the technical skills employed.

Review of materials and structures:

The electromechanical materials and means we use in our work are inspected regularly in accordance with a legal maintenance schedule, and structures are systematically inspected in order to guarantee their effective use.

Our work is based on compliance with the following laws and regulations:

Legislative Decree no. 626 dated 19 September 1994 (amended and integrated by Legislative Decree no. 242 dated 19 March 2006) with the aim of implementing European Directives 89/391/EEC, 89/654/EEC, 89/655/EEC, 89/656/EEC, 90/269/EEC, 90/270/EEC, 90/394/EEC, 90/679/EEC, 93/88/EEC, 97/42/EC and 1999/38/EC concerning improvement in the health and safety of workers in the workplace; and Legislative Decree no. 494 dated 14 August 1996, n. 494 (amended and integrated by Legislative Decree no. 528 dated 19 November 1999) with the aim of implementing European Directive 92/57/EEC concerning minimum health and safety requirements to be implemented at temporary or mobile construction sites.

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