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Limelite Events

What else do you need?

Each idea takes on an almost physical tension that pushes it through from an initial haze to a manifest form.
What takes place between these two moments, is down to us. Often quick, often frantic, and always complex. Although difficult to envisage what we will find along the way, our task is to get there anyway and always… and this simplifies yours.


Whether your requirements are technical, logistical or creative, come and talk to us.
We can help you set out project guidelines to bring the product completely in line with your ideas.
Relax and rely on our experience. Our designers will always provide you with an excellent interface technician.

Initial Study

We go to where the event is to take place, or find a suitable location. Where we will be working and with which structures. We identify the event. The feasibility and cost analysis


Now we supply purchases and production with this information. We also contact the local authorities to solve any legal or logistics problems. We coordinate the various sectors and organise the site.

Executive Production

We build the sets. We supply and manage the lighting, audio and video systems. Production manages and works with the technicians and artists. We plan every last detail, from the welcome, to catering and transport.

Your idea has become a reality. Come and see for yourself.

And this, wherever you happen to be, the world over.

We work with the best international companies, enabling us to create and optimise your ideas, even in the broadest stretch of desert, or furthest corner of the earth.

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